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Angle Grinder

Product Desciption

Removal of casting finishing and finishing of various types of steel bronze, and aluminum materials and castings. Grinding of welded sections or sections cut by means of cutting torch. Grinding of synthesis resin, slate, brick, marble etc. Cutting of synthetic concrete, stone, brick, marble and similar material.


  • Wheel diameter: 230mm
  • Hole diameter: 22mm
  • Spindle thread: M14 X2
  • Power input: 2500W
  • No-Load Speed: 6,600 per min
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Overall Length: 478mm
  • Standard Accessories: Side, handle, wrench

Operation and Basic Maintenance tips

  • Fit blade properly
  • Confirm spindle lock is disengaged by pushing button and turning wheel by hand
  • Ensure that the locknut is fitted the right way
  • Firmly hold the machine with both hands at a 15 degree to 30 degree angle and proceed without using too much force
  • Use proper extension cord(2.5mm thickness and not longer than 20m)

Safety Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never use without wheel guard
  • Never use close to flammable substances
  • Ensure that power source delivers between 220 & 230V
  • Ensure power cord extension/ machine do not get wet
  • Allow 5 min cool off period after every 15-20 min use
  • When using machine in dusty conditions, blow out dust on daily basis

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