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Brush Cutter

Product Desciption

This is a powerful professional Brush cutting machine, used for cutting tough grass and various plants that in normal circumstances difficult to mow with lawnmower.


  • 2Stroke Petrol driven 43cc
  • Weight 6kg
  • Max engine speed 12500rpm

“Wear shin guards to protect your shins”

Operation and Basic Maintenance tips

  • Before starting Ensure parts are securely fastened
  • Ensure you have a secure footing before cutting
  • Before cutting, inspect area for stones glass etc… To prevent objects being “thrown” while cutting and damage to yourself and machine.
  • Check cutting tool periodically for damage. Use only cutting line supplied with machine.
  • Service machine regularly
  • Clean air filters by gently tapping on a flat surface, replace if damage.
  • Check and grease gearbox on a regular basis

Safety Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always use proper safety clothing and eye protection when cutting.
  • Never attempt to touch or adjust the cutting attachment while engine is still running
  • Never operate with broken or damage cutting attachment
  • Use only 2 stroke fuels supplied.

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