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Drive Unit

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Drive Unit


Used for driving mechanical flex drive pokers and submersible pumps.


  • Electric driver 1.75kw 220v motor
  • 5.5 Hp Petrol engine
  • 6hp Diesel engine
  • Weight 35-45kg

Operation and Basic Maintenance tips

  • Always check oil level and air filters of the engines before starting the machine
  • Always fit poker or sub pump to drive the unit before starting the engine.
  • Do not adjust engine rpm as over speeding will result in damage to the poker and pump.

Safety Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not put drive unit in concrete or water.
  • Do not make any adjustment to drive dog or sleeve while engine is running
  • Never fit the poker or submersible pump while engine is running.
  • The cover to the recoil starter must always be fitted

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