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This machine can be used for general ac MMA  type welding. It also has the capabilitys of producing 220vac for on site electricity as well


  • Petrol engine driven 13hp
  • Welding amp to max 200A Ac
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Comes with 6M cable set
  • Weight 130Kg
  • 7kva 220vac generating capacity

Operation and Basic Maintenance tips

  • Before operating machine always check oil level and that air cleaner is clean. Air filter should be cleaned daily
  • Make sure that the welding plugs are properly fitted- not loosely fitted wich would couse a short.
  • This machine is used 6min out of 10min and should be left to cool for 4min
  • This machine must be set to 220-230 Volts
  • Test the voltage and amps of the machine regularly to prevent damage to appliance/tools. Ensure that the power supply is adequate for the application.
  • Never allow for overloading of Generator Welder
  • Machine should be run in well ventilated areas.

Safety Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not run the Machine without a recoil starter
  • Make sure that the cables are not open (no bare wires showing)

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